Enfamil® Water

Enfamil® Water

Last Updated: Friday, July 8, 2016

Water for oral use only.

  • Indication
    • Water for oral use only.

  • Product Forms
    • Format Unit Approximate Product Yield at Normal Dilution Shelf Life Item # Kosher
      Nursette® Bottle 59 mL 59 mL (2 fl oz) 12 Months 1215250 O.U Pareve*

      *Pareve ingredients; manufactured on dairy equipment.

  • Preparation of Feedings
    • Your baby’s health depends on carefully following the instructions below. Proper hygiene, preparation, dilution, use and storage are important when preparing infant formula. Use as directed by your baby’s doctor.

      Inspect each bottle for signs of damage.

      Upon opening, either feed immediately or replace cap and store in refrigerator at 2-4°C (35-40°F) for no longer than 24 hours. After feeding begins, do not refrigerate feeding bottle. You must use within one hour or discard.

      WARNING: Do not use a microwave oven to warm formula. Serious burns may result.

      WARNING: Not for parenteral (I.V.) use.

      This water is ready for use as drinking water or for other oral purposes as directed by your baby’s doctor.

      Storage: Store unopened cans at room temperature. Avoid excessive heat and prolonged exposure to light. Do not freeze.


  • Intended for Canadian Healthcare Professionals Only.
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