Enfamil® 2

Cow’s milk-based, iron fortified transitional infant formula designed for infants 6 months of age or older.ⓊD


Cow’s milk-based, iron fortified transitional infant formula designed for infants 6 months of age or older.

Product Forms

ProductFormatUnit SizeApproximate Product Yield at Normal DilutionShelf LifeItem Number
Enfamil® 2Powder900 g6800 mL (29 bottles x 8 fl oz)36 Months1274013

Preparation Of Feedings


Your baby’s health depends on carefully following the instructions below. Proper hygiene, preparation, dilution, use and storage are important when preparing infant formula. Powdered infant formulas are not sterile and should not be fed to infants who might have immune problems unless directed and supervised by your baby’s doctor. Ask your baby’s doctor which formula is appropriate for your baby. Ask your baby’s doctor about the need to use cooled, boiled water for mixing and the need to boil clean scoop, utensils, bottles and nipples in water before use.

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Preparation Description: 

1. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before preparing formula.

Preparation Image: 
Preparation Description: 

2. Pour desired amount of water into the bottle. Add powder.

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Preparation Description: 

3. Cap bottle and SHAKE WELL.

Use the chart below for the correct amounts of water and powder. Use scoop in can to measure powder. Store DRY scoop in this can.

To MakeWaterPowder
60 mL bottle60 mL (1/4 cup)1 unpacked level scoop
120 mL bottle120 mL (1/2 cup)2 unpacked level scoops
180 mL bottle180 mL (3/4 cup)3 unpacked level scoops
240 mL bottle240 mL (1 cup)4 unpacked level scoops


Analysisper 100 mL normal dilutionper 100 g
Energy (kcal/kJ)68/280502/2100
Protein (g)1.7 (Powder)13
% of total energy1010
Source: Skim milk
Carbohydrate (g)7.4 (Powder)55
% of total energy45 (Powder)45
Source: Lactose, corn syrup
Fat (g)3.425
% of total energy45 (Powder)45
Source: Palm olein (45%), soy (20%), coconut (20%), high oleic sunflower (15%) oils
Linoleic Acid (g)0.55 (Powder)4.1
Linolenic Acid (g)0.06 (Powder)0.4
Minerals Calcium (mg)80600
Phosphorus (mg)52 (Powder)390
Magnesium (mg)5.541
Iron (mg)1.2 (Powder)9.0
Zinc (mg)0.6 (Powder)4.8
Manganese (mg)0.01 (Powder)0.06
Copper (mg)0.06 (Powder)0.4
Iodine (mg)0.08 (Powder)0.011
Selenium (mg)0.0020.02
Sodium (mg)23175
Potassium (mg)90 (Powder)680
Chloride (mg)60 (Powder)450
Vitamin A (IU)208 (Powder)1560
Vitamin D (IU)40 (Powder)300
Vitamin E (IU)1.3 (Powder)10
Vitamin K (mg)0.0060.05
Vitamin C (mg)5.541
Thiamine (mg)0.07 (Powder)0.5
Riboflavin (mg)0.07 (Powder)0.5
Niacin (mg)0.7 (Powder)5.3
Pantothenic Acid (mg)0.3 (Powder)2.5
Vitamin B6 (mg)0.04 (Powder)0.3
Folic Acid (mg)0.01 (Powder)0.1
Vitamin B12 (mg)0.00020.0015
Biotin (mg)0.0020.02
Choline (mg)11 (Powder)80
Inositol (mg)12 (Powder)90
Carnitine (mg)n/an/a
Taurine (mg)4 (Powder)30
Other Characteristics
Potential Renal Solute Load (mOsm/100 mL)116.6
Osmolality (mOsm/kg H2O)Not Available
Osmolarity (mOsm/L)Not Available
Water (g/100 mL)91 (Powder)