Nursette® Bottle Or Breast Milk Preparation Guidelines

General guidelines are provided as a convenience, based on calculated results of mixing; not clinically tested. Approximate household measurements are provided as a convenience when a precise dilution is not required. If necessary, see scoop information for Mead Johnson Nutrition powder products. Undiluted concentrated liquid formulas provide 1.35 kcal/mL.
The choices of caloric level and appropriate additions to infant formula or breast milk for a particular infant are clinical judgments best made by the dietitian or doctor most familiar with the baby’s medical history and nutritional needs. When choosing an appropriate addition, consider the effect on nutrient composition and osmolality. Make changes gradually to decrease risk of intolerance.
Starting with 20 kcal/30 mL, 59 mL (Formula or Breast Milk)
Choose One Additive:

Goal Powder Formula* Conc. Liquid Formula
22 kcal/30 mL 0.9 g 7 mL (~1 ½ tsp)
24 kcal/30 mL 1.8 g 15 mL (~1 Tbsp)
27 kcal/30 mL 3.2 g 32 mL (~2 Tbsp)

Starting with 22 kcal/30 mL, 59 mL Formula
Choose One Additive:

GoalWaterPowder Formula*Conc. Liquid Formula
20 kcal/30 mL 6 mL (~1 tsp)
24 kcal/30 mL 0.9 g 7 mL (~1 ½ tsp)
27 kcal/30 mL 2.3 g 23 mL (~1 Tbsp + 1 ½ tsp)
30 kcal/30 mL3.8 g 47 mL (~3 Tbsp)

Starting with 24 kcal/30 mL, 59 mL (Formula or Fortified Breast Milk) Choose One Additive:

Goal Water Powder Formula* Conc. Liquid Formula
20 kcal/30 mL 12 mL (~2 ½ tsp)
22 kcal/30 mL 5.5 mL (~1 tsp)
27 kcal/30 mL 1.4 g 14 mL (~1 Tbsp)
30 kcal/30 mL2.8 g 35 mL (~2 Tbsp + 1 tsp)

*Powdered products are not commercially sterile and should not be used for immunocompromised patients, unless clinically required, and then under strict medical supervision of preparation and use.1
1. International Formula Council. Infant Feeding: Safety Issues for Health Care Professionals. Atlanta, GA. International Formula Council; 2004:4.