Pregestimil ® A + ®

Note: Powdered products are not commercially sterile and should not be used for immunocompromised patients, unless clinically required, and then under strict medical supervision of preparation and use.
These dilutions can be used with the following Mead Johnson powder formulas:
Per 1 Scoop
kcal Desired per fl oz‡ kcal Desired per mL1 scoop powder † added to indicated Volume of WaterFormula Yield
per fl oz ‡per mLmL (fl oz)mL (fl oz)
200.6859 (2.0)66 (2.2)
220.7453 (1.8)60 (2.0)
240.8148 (1.6)55 (1.9)
260.8844 (1.5)51 (1.7)
270.9142 (1.4)49 (1.6)
280.9540 (1.4)47 (1.6)
301.0137 (1.2)44 (1.5)
†Pregestimil® A should be measured with unpacked, level scoops.
‡Fluid ounce measures in above table are rounded to the nearest 0.1 fl oz.
Powders mix best when added on top of water. Then close the bottle and shake for about 5 seconds. The number of scoops and the amount of water to add can be doubled or tripled to make a larger volume.
One scoop of Pregestimil® A powder provides 45 kcal
One scoop of powder displaces about 7 mL or 0.2 fl oz water
One U.S. fl oz = 29.57 mL
1 Tbsp water = 15 mL water