Enfamil® Fer-In-Sol® (Syrup)

Ferrous Sulfate Oral Solution U.S.P.

Helps to prevent iron deficiency.

D NPN 00017884


Helps to prevent iron deficiency. Enfamil® Fer-in-Sol® syrup is fruit-flavoured, alcohol-free, lactose-free and gluten-free.


Fer-In-Sol syrup containsPer 5.0 mL
Iron (ferrous sulfate heptahydrate)150 mg
Equivalent to: Elemental Iron30 mg


Take a few hours before or after taking other medication. Mix with water or fruit juice and take with food.

Supplementation dose:
Administer once daily or as directed by your physician.
0-6 years1.25 mL
6-12 years2.5 mL
Adults5 mL
Therapeutic dose:
Divide into three (3) doses and administer three (3) times per day or as directed by your physician.
0-2 years2.5 to 5 mL
2-6 years5 mL
6-12 years5 mL to 12 mL
Adults10 to 15 mL

Product Forms

ProductFormatUnit SizeApproximate Product Yield at Normal DilutionShelf LifeItem Number
Enfamil® Fer-In-Sol®Syrup250 mLYield Not Applicable to Vitamin24 Months1015278